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UMIP has developed a range of ways for entrepreneurs to interact and one of these is its “Entrepreneur in Transit” scheme (EIT). The EIT initiative complements UMIP’s current activities in the commercialisation of IP. It invites entrepreneurs to work with us to increase the yield and quality of ventures by exploring the best ways in which to engage with the commercial market and validate its market appetite for early-stage technologies.

Creative innovation teams are formed between our academics and external entrepreneurs and businesses at a much earlier stage than our standard process. This allows us to respond to the needs of the market in a more agile way and direct our innovation for more successful commercialisation.

If you are interested in becoming an EIT, please visit the following webpages

We also encourage Entrepreneur’s to engage with UMIP in a variety of other ways to help form new ventures generally outside of the EiT scheme. If you would like to be involved please join our Innovation Commons or contact ellie.buckley@umip.com for further information.


We augment our professional capability by out-sourcing various discrete projects to consultants and collaborators. These projects include IP audits, primary market research, referencing investment propositions, and the brokering of partnerships, collaborations and licences on an international basis. We are pleased to work with individuals and groups who share our vision and ambitions and who have the flexibility and creativity necessary for success in these areas. Our relationships with consultants are typically fee-for-service based although risk sharing arrangements may be appropriate in special circumstances.

For further information, please contact tony.walker@umip.com


While our academic entrepreneurs are complemented by UMIP’s professional managers during the earliest stages of the spin-out process; external managers and management teams with domain specialism, detailed market knowledge and useful contacts can be transformational in the development of our high growth companies. We actively reach out to such individuals and teams and are always happy to respond to enquiries from interested parties.

For further information, please contact tony.walker@umip.com


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