What is Express IP?

Express IP is non-patented Intellectual Property (usually copyright) in the form of a market-ready product that can be licensed “at scale” for either research or commercial use. Express IP is developed right across the University in all Faculties but typically Express IP would fit into one of these four product areas:




Healthcare Tools


Research Reagents




Copyright Materials

How do we license Express IP “at scale”?

There are various options for the licensing of Express IP. Where appropriate we can upload your Software, Healthcare Tools, Images or other Copyright Materials to our online licensing portal Click2Go (www.click2go.umip.com). Using a simple click-through licensing process and online payment customers can request and download the product.

In some instances it may be beneficial to make your product available through one of our distribution partners that specialise in a particular product area – for example Research Reagents or Healthcare Tools.

I don’t want to charge a fee for my Express IP – can UMIP still help?

Yes. Where appropriate we can help you to disseminate your research outputs for academic or clinical research or to the NHS and charities free of charge. This will help to further your research collaborations whilst still protecting the copyright through controlled distribution. We will however usually charge a licence fee to for-profit commercial organisations.

I think I have developed some Express IP and want to make it available – what do I do?

If you think that you may have developed some Express IP then we would like to hear from – please contact your UMIP contact here

Express IP Flyer and News

You can download our Express-IP Flyer here and also read about the University’s partnership with Ximbio  which makes our life Research Reagents more widely available to the worldwide scientific community.


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