How UMIP works with the University

UMIP has been established by The University of Manchester to help protect and, where appropriate, commercialise the results of research owned by the University. This covers research carried out by staff within all Departments of the University. As the Academic researcher, this is your section of the website and aims to help you learn about the commercialisation process and answer some of the questions you may have about intellectual property protection and the routes to commercialisation.

It is widely recognised that research, innovation and entrepreneurship need to be harnessed further in order to maintain and promote economic growth. The University therefore actively seeks to protect its intellectual property (IP) and to commercialise the results of research where appropriate. Furthermore, we have a contractual obligation to protect IP where the research is funded by a Research Council or charitable institution. Much industrially sponsored contract research is funded specifically to generate valuable IP.

UMIP can also offer support to University non-research staff that generate IP as part of their job. Typical examples may be software, curricula and other copyright IP. For more details on how UMIP can help you protect and commercialise copyright IP as well as certain research outputs (e.g. research reagents and patient questionnaires) please click here to view our Express IP page.

Revenue earned through commercialising University IP can benefit the research worker, the research itself and the Department, as well as the University. The reputational and financial rewards can sometimes be substantial, but the process requires careful management, often over a long period.

Although it is impossible to guarantee that your idea can be protected or will be commercialised, we have a proven track record of success. Although we act for the University, usually the aims of the University and yourself will be the same.

Over 20 years of technology transfer activity we have:
  • Licensed over 500 inventions
  • Established over 100 spin-out companies
Wherever you are within the University, we are here to:
  • Help you identify and protect intellectual property
  • Determine commercial applications
  • Help harness the commercial world to implement your ideas

UMIP’s primary responsibility is to act on behalf of the University when negotiating IP licences or arrangements to establish spin-out companies. UMIP recommends that you seek independent advice to ensure such arrangements are appropriate for your circumstances. However, as your employer, the University is concerned to see that you are treated fairly by others, such as licensees or investors in any spin-out company.


If you want to learn more about how we can help to protect and commercialise your work, then click here to read the The Commercialisation Process section. There is also a comprehensive online resource available on the University web site. If you have any questions or want to discuss your ideas, please click here to see the contact section or complete and submit our Disclosure Information Form.


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The University of Manchester Intellectual Property ("UMIP") acts solely as agent for the University in relation to any matter relating to intellectual property ("IP") and know how created at the University. This is whether such IP is created by employees, students or others. UMIP does not represent anyone else in such matters. If anyone else requires advice in relation to such IP then they must take their own independent legal advice.