• We are catalysts for innovation, commercialising next-generation technologies developed by

    The University of Manchester’s world-class research base

    • £360m+ invested by venture funders

    • 40+ spin-out companies created

    • 7,500+ licences and IP partnerships concluded

    • 4,000+ invention disclosures received

    • £115m+ IP and R&D revenue generated for the University

  • We are catalysts for innovation, commercialising next-generation technologies developed by The University of Manchester’s world-class research base

    • £300m+ invested by venture funders since 2004

    • 40+ spin-out companies created

    • 4,800+

      licences and IP partnerships concluded

    • 3,700+ invention disclosures received

    • 1,300+ jobs generated across various industry sectors

    • £105m+ IP and R&D revenue generated for the University

Archive for May, 2009

NANOCO Starts trading on the London Stock Exchange, AIM Market

Nanoco Group PLC began trading on the London Stock Exchange AIM Market at 0800 GMT, Friday, 1st May under the ticker symbol “NANO”. Shares have traded up over the first few days with the company now valued at greater than £90m. The commencement of trading represents Nanoco’s successful conclusion of the reverse takeover which was announced in late February 2009.

Zeus Capital:
Alex Clarkson

+44 (0) 161 831 1512
Nanoco Group plc:

Michael Edelman
+44 (0) 161 603 7900

Nanoco is a leading nanotechnology company involved in the development and manufacture of fluorescent semi-conducting materials called quantum dots (QDs).

QDs are a platform technology with wide-ranging applications across several industry sectors from solid state lighting, solar energy and next generation displays to life sciences. Applications based on QD materials have the potential to offer significant improvements over materials traditionally used, giving benefits to performance and energy savings.

Zeus Capital, the Manchester based investment bank, is Nominated Adviser and Broker to Nanoco Group PLC. Nanoco’s chief executive Dr Michael Edelman said: “This listing represents the next milestone in Nanoco’s rapid development.”

“Trading on the AIM Market of the London Stock Exchange allows Nanoco to continue to further strengthen its shareholder base and balance sheet, providing the resources needed to meet the growing demand for its products.”

Nanoco was founded in 2001 by two academics from Manchester University – Professor Paul O’Brien and Dr Nigel Pickett – to advance the development of quantum dots.

“Nanoco’s successful growth”, says Dr Michael Edelman, “is based on focusing our efforts on the development and mass production of high performance quantum dots and partnering with strategic quantum dot application developers around the world to get these exciting materials into the market.”

The Nanoco Group PLC business strategy is to work in partnership with quantum dot application developers. These application developers tend to be large global technology companies working to incorporate quantum dots into a specific end use application such as LEDs, solar cells and displays.

For further enquires please contact:

Nanoco Group PLC, Manchester, UK (www.nanocotechnologies.com);

7th May 2009

New fund to support biomedical innovation at The University of Manchester

The University of Manchester and its intellectual property commercialisation company (UMIP) has signed an agreement with the Johnson & Johnson Corporate Office of Science and Technology (COSAT) to establish a proof-of-principle (PoP) Fund.

COSAT was established in 1978 to foster a long-standing focus on innovation and entrepreneurship by supporting and creating access to breakthrough science and technologies.

The Fund will allow scientists at the University to submit ideas with the promise of having a positive impact on human health. It will lead to projects that explore how new technological approaches, such as regenerative medicine, will impact the treatment of such chronic conditions as Alzheimer’s and diabetes as well as to the generation of new diagnostic markers and medical devices and materials which may help manage disease and wellness.

Successful projects could, post proof-of-principle and further development, be taken to market. This augments the University’s capability for funding innovative projects beyond spin-outs, which is already underpinned by the UMIP Premier Find (UPF).

Professor Rod Coombs, Vice-President for Innovation and Economic Development at The University of Manchester, said: “This fund will prove invaluable for scientists as they look to take their research to new levels and could lead to new technology platforms which will underpin new therapies. We are delighted that COSAT has chosen Manchester as a centre of excellence.”

Clive Rowland, Chief Executive Officer of UMIP, said: “This agreement will allow scientists to make major strides forward in their research as well as help them to develop that research into products with commercial potential. UMIP will make decisions on how to distribute the fund, based on the commercial case of each individual submission.”

Joe Smith, COSAT, and Prof Rod Coombs