Company factfile

  • Established in 2008
  • Spin-out company from the Faculty of Life Sciences
  • Founded by Dr Andrew Almond, Chief Technical Officer
  • New drug development
  • IP – Patents, proprietary software tools, know-how
  • IP – Patents, trademark, design rights, know-how
  • Funded by: UMIP Proof-of-Principle Funding (PoP) and Aquarius Equity Partners
  • Awards: 2011 Bionow – Emerging Biomedical Technology Project of the Year, 2008 Bionow – Biomedical Start-up of the Year


“I really valued the fact that we got access to a University lawyer via UMIP”

Dr Andrew Almond, Chief Technical Officer and co-founder

About Conformetrix

Conformetrix Ltd is a pre-clinical drug discovery company, providing unique ligand-based approaches for hit identification and lead optimisation, rapidly identifying novel chemical scaffolds for drugging any therapeutic target. Conformetrix can solve the dynamic 3D-structure of any organic molecule. This is a world-first capability that delivers key information on new drug chemistry for medicinal and computational chemists and allows the rapid development of new drugs for any disease target.

We met up with Dr Andrew Almond, Chief Technical Officer and co-founder, to find out more about the company’s journey and his personal experiences of setting up a spin-out…