Company factfile

  • Established in 2015
  • Spin-out company from the School of Environment, Education and Development
  • Founded by Dr Richard Kingston
  • Application: Cloud-based decision support system
  • IP – Trademark, Knowhow
  • Funding: £140K UMIP PoP Energy Innovation Award, £10.5K UMIP and UnLtd Scale and Growth Award


“If you have the appetite to explore a spin-out opportunity, the University is the perfect environment in which to test the business model.”

Dr Richard Kingston

About TellUs

TellUs Toolkit is a cloud-based decision support system that supports a wide range of organisations in the utility, environmental, construction and public policy sectors. It provides a tailored package of map-based software tools to support location based business decisions and stakeholder engagement.

The toolkit is an invaluable tool for any business that carries out projects for which location is a primary factor. A bespoke solution is tailored to meet the exact needs of a customer starting with an up-to-date interactive online base map which then builds up additional layers of information to complement the speci c needs of the client.

Multi-layered location analytics, delivered via TellUs’ geographic information technology (GIS), provides the client with the simplest, most cost-effective way of avoiding data gaps in the understanding of a location based problem. Through deeper, more connected insights, visually represented on maps, TellUs translates even the most complex messages into easy-to- interpret information, revealing patterns than can easily be missed in endless tables of stats.

We met up with Dr Richard Kingston to nd out more about the company’s journey and his personal experiences of setting up a spin-out…