• We are catalysts for innovation, commercialising next-generation technologies developed by

    The University of Manchester’s world-class research base

    • £360m+ invested by venture funders

    • 40+ spin-out companies created

    • 7,500+ licences and IP partnerships concluded

    • 4,000+ invention disclosures received

    • £115m+ IP and R&D revenue generated for the University

  • We are catalysts for innovation, commercialising next-generation technologies developed by The University of Manchester’s world-class research base

    • £300m+ invested by venture funders since 2004

    • 40+ spin-out companies created

    • 4,800+

      licences and IP partnerships concluded

    • 3,700+ invention disclosures received

    • 1,300+ jobs generated across various industry sectors

    • £105m+ IP and R&D revenue generated for the University

University of Manchester skin specialist spin-out AIMs high with £4.5M float

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Skin health company, SkinBioTherapeutics, a University of Manchester spin-out, will focus on developing and commercialising its SkinBiotix® technology platform after making a stunning debut on the London stock market.

The life sciences company raised £4.5 million on AIM last week. The funds raised will enable it to drive forward its development portfolio of three programmes – in skin care (sensitive skin), anti-infection and eczema. Due to size of the target markets (multi-billion $), the Company will seek to license out its programmes at an early stage to bigger companies with the specialism and resource to commercialise them.

Spun out of The University of Manchester by its Innovation Company UMI3 Ltd in April 2016, SkinBioTherapeutics was formed around the scientific discoveries coming from the work performed by University researchers Dr. Catherine O’Neill and Professor Andrew McBain.

SkinBioTherapeutics uses extracts of probiotic bacteria that in skin models have been shown to increase the skin’s barrier integrity to retain moisture better, protect the skin from infection and to increase the rate of skin healing in response to injury.

Dr. Catherine O'Neill - HeadshotChief executive Dr Catherine O’Neill, said: “Listing on AIM is a significant milestone for SkinBioTherapeutics and will give us the visibility we need amongst the established global players we are looking to partner with.

“The funds raised will enable us to accelerate the clinical development of our main therapeutic candidates and to progress the SkinBiotix® technology platform.

“This is an exciting time to be in the microbiome space, especially with regards to skin health. We have an experienced team and Board, plus the financial and shareholder support to maximise this opportunity.”

Dr Rich Ferrie of UMI3 said: “I am delighted that SkinBioTherapeutics has been admitted to AIM. Our team has worked closely with Cath and Andrew to prime the intellectual property arising from their exciting research for commercialisation.

“I am sure the SkinBiotix® platform will give rise to many important products in the skin health area and I look forward to the future success of SkinBioTherapeutics plc.”

Find out more about SkinBioTherapeutics at www.skinbiotherapeutics.com

The images show human skin which has been stained with a green dye to visualise a protein, critical to skin function as a barrier between the body and the environment. The level of this protein increases dramatically following treatment with a particular bacterium (compare ‘treated’ with ‘untreated’)




UMIP Social Enterprise Ignition Funding-Apply now

We are now seeking to ignite a new generation of individuals interested in pursuing a social business:

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  • Are you currently working or studying at The University of Manchester or a recent graduate?
  • Is your idea likely to benefit the public or community, or be an entrepreneurial solution to a societal, healthcare or environmental problem?
  • Do you have the passion to drive your idea forward and set up a project or social business?


Funding from £500 – £2000 is available, for individuals to try out or grow their entrepreneurial ideas. This might mean finding out if your idea is viable, learning more about what is needed to develop the idea by testing the project on a small scale, right through to more robust road-testing of the idea. We also provide one to one support to assist you with your applications and informative workshops for successful applicants.


The funding opportunity is open to all members of staff, academics, research students and recent graduates (graduated within the last 2 years) from The University of Manchester.

Key Dates:Soc-Ent-Tree-Blue-538

  • Closing date for applications is Friday 24th March 2017
  • Successful applicants will be informed by Friday 31st March 2017

Click Social Enterprise Ignition Fund Application Form-final to download an application form and contact Social.Enterprise@umip.com for further information.

Ignition Awards spark innovative ideas from Alliance MBS staff, students and alumni

Alliance Manchester Business School (Alliance MBS), alongside Manchester Enterprise Centre (MEC) and The University of Manchester’s Intellectual Property commercialisation division (UMIP) is pleased to announce their Ignition Funding Opportunity – 2016 has resulted in eight outstanding budding entrepreneurs receiving awards of £500 to £2000 to further develop their ideas.

The competition was open to all staff, students and recent graduates of Alliance MBS and individuals were encouraged to submit ideas for entrepreneurial solutions to business, social or environmental problems.

It was launched to support new opportunities to bring into reality the ideas of Alliance MBS staff and students and help to maximise their potential for ‘real world’ use or societal benefit.

The awards showcase a wide range of innovative ideas which include:

  • Graduate of 2015, Jedrzej Czarnota, with his DataSeer idea which aims to develop a Big Data customer analytics service for videogame firms for guiding software (videogame) design decisions.
  • Lecturer Dr Duncan Thomas with Green Island Friends that will produce a free-to-view online animated children’s cartoon series on global virtues and character development in multiple languages.
  • Dr Bimal Arora, an already experienced social entrepreneur, is developing a national level Corporate Sustainability Coalition in India mobilising micro, small and medium sized enterprises that form part of global value chains.
  • Russell Miller, Director of Sponsorship, submitted his idea for Sleeping Lions to produce celebratory adventures and events using large scale props and traditional game play to create fantastic places for children to experience in the home or party venue.

Tony Walker and Lynn Sheppard, commented: “The University has a great record in commercialisation of research and student enterprise. The emphasis on developing ideas from within Alliance MBS demonstrates further the innovation within our institution.  We received 13 entries overall and the diversity of applicants and their ideas was inspiring.”

Ismail Ertürk, Director for Social Responsibility and Engagement at Alliance MBS, who helped coordinate and judge the competition, commented: “It was very pleasing to see the full range of the Alliance MBS community participating in this award with great entrepreneurial ideas that address local and global social issues.  Through these awards our community contributes to the University’s Goal 3 Agenda whilst collaborating with MEC and UMIP.”

Alongside their funding, future support will include entering Venture Further and Innovation Optimiser workshops to hone business cases and securing a range of mentoring opportunities for the award winners to ensure their enterprises continue to flourish. There are plans to run this competition again next year and the programme team aim to build on the success and interest which has been generated over the past few months.


Entrepreneur and University of Manchester academic behind the RoundView and Ketso to speak at climate change conference

Dr. Joanne Tippett

Dr. Joanne Tippett

University of Manchester academic and entrepreneur Dr. Joanne Tippett will speak at the World Symposium on Climate Change Communication conference in Manchester this week.

The co-inventor of the RoundView – an innovative way to support learning and design for a sustainable future – and founder of Ketso, a Manchester-based social enterprise with global reach, will speak to an international audience at the three-day event aimed at exploring how we can communicate and engage people effectively about climate change.

Award-winning Ketso – a creative engagement tool and hands-on ‘workshop in a bag’ – was developed in the mountains of Lesotho in the mid-1990s by Dr. Tippett. From its origins in University of Manchester research, it is now in use all over the world, from climate change planning in the UK, Cameroon, Tanzania and Ethiopia, to mental health transformation in the UK, to exploring child trafficking issues in Bangladesh, to developing enterprise skills in Australia.

Dr. Tippett’s speech at the conference at The University of Manchester also comes after the RoundView recently inspired an innovative approach to community engagement for the £3.1million Carbon Landscape project – which has announced its successful funding through the Heritage Lottery Fund.

She said: “I’m very excited that this prestigious conference is not only taking place in Manchester, but that I’ve been given the chance to talk at it.

“My talk will build on decades of science and thinking about sustainability – with the key message being that we can change direction.

“I know first-hand that Ketso and the RoundView really are working and making a tangible social difference to people, from the most vulnerable in society to those in the highest positions when it comes to decision making, said Dr Tippett, from the School of Environment, Education and Development.

“Ketso is also in use in over half of the Universities in the UK, while local authorities use it to engage with communities – such as in Renfrewshire’s Community Planning Conference – where over 400 people used Ketso to explore ideas for the future of their area.”

Dr. Tippett, who works closely with The University of Manchester technology transfer division, UMIP, in a bid to develop the RoundView and Ketso, added: “Over 25,000 people have used Ketso around the world while the RoundView has been tested and developed with over 1,600 participants, including 250 members of staff at Tesco in action research funded by the Sustainable Consumption Institute.

“It’s great that I’ll be able to present some findings and practical hints for improved communication to people from all over the world who will be attending the conference.”

The World Symposium on Climate Change Communication is being organised by the Research and Transfer Centre “Applications of Life Sciences” of the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (Germany), Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester Museum, The University of Manchester and the International Climate Change Information Programme (ICCIP) in collaboration with key international organisations.

It will be held at The University of Manchester from February 22 to February 24th.






Unlocking the potential of the intellectual property in your research


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Register Now: https://ipo-unlocking-potential.eventbrite.co.uk

Date: Tuesday 21st March

Time: 12:00 – 16:30

Location: The University of Manchester Innovation Centre (UMIC), The Core Technology Facility, 46 Grafton Street, Manchester, M13 9NT.

Who? All PhD students and Early Career Researchers from across the N8 Partnership universities.

Can you take your research further? By drawing on the expertise of IP professionals and the experience of those who have successfully navigated the knowledge exchange landscape you will learn how to develop an IP strategy to support the outcomes of your research.

The workshop will include:

·         Overview of IP rights and IP strategies delivered by the IPO and IP specialists HGF

·         The options available to translate your IP from research to impact

·         Case studies on managing research generated IP through the knowledge exchange and commercialisation process

·         A hands-on session to develop an IP strategy

·         A networking lunch

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