The preparation of the skin with an aseptic solution is an essential part of sterile surgical technique. To ensure adequate coverage of the skin, before application of sterile drapes, a dye is often used to colour the disinfection solution to make it more visible.

Assessment of skin health is a necessary for clinical evaluation of the patient during anaesthesia as well as after a procedure. Pale skin can indicate poor perfusion of the skin, whereas an adverse reaction may be indicated by increased redness of the skin.

Staining of the skin with a dye, although useful to ensure adequate coverage, obscures the colour of the skin, an important indicator of skin health. In particular, during reconstructive and plastic surgery a flap of skin is often created to close a wound. Flap failure is a devastating event that can be caused by poor blood flow to the skin. This could be identified earlier by visual assessment if the skin was not obscured with dye for days after the procedure.

The technology

Working closely with clinicians, we have developed a novel fluorescent surgical skin preparation that allows sterilisation of the surgical site to be monitored without adverse discolouration. As this preparation does not discolour the skin under normal light illumination, the surgical site can be clinically examined for any adverse events during and after surgery. This preparation can be visualised on darker skin tones under blue light illumination more easily than the current skin preparations. Hence, sterilisation of the surgery site will not be compromised in dark-skinned patients. In laboratory tests, we have shown that adding the fluorophore does not decrease the antimicrobial efficacy of chlorhexidine or the shelf life of the disinfectant solution.

Key benefits

  • Unlike common skin preparation solutions, FluoroPrep can be easily visualised on dark skin tones.
  • FluoroPrep doesn’t stain the skin under normal light and so the surgical site can be clinically assessed for observable abnormalities.
  • FluoroPrep offers the same performance for skin disinfection and long shelf life.
  • FluoroPrep was developed in collaboration with clinical practitioners.


FluoroPrep can be used to disinfect skin in preparation for surgery.

Intellectual property

Two patent applications have been filed. Priority filing date is February 2016.


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