MAVERIC – A tablet based system to measure visual acuity


Common eye conditions such as macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy can cause devastating vision loss and require regular monitoring to ensure prompt treatment, placing huge demands on hospital resources. Similarly, in children, the detection and monitoring of amblyopia (lazy eye) is crucial for preventing vision.

Home monitoring of visual acuity could relieve this burden, but available systems are not shown to give valid results for target patient populations to use without expert help.

A team from the University of Manchester have proposed a solution to this need by producing visual acuity test that can be easily uploaded to all tablet type devices.

The technology

The UoM has turned both high and low contrast visual acuity testing into a tablet-based game. After a few seconds explanation the test proceeds automatically through various levels without external intervention.

MAVERIC requires only a tablet and a viewing booth to maintain constant distance and illumination. The booth could be produced so that it is easily transported and stored.

Key benefits

  • A range of visual acuities can be tested from -0.22logMAR (6/3.7) to 1.09 logMAR (6/70).
  • Enables more frequent monitoring whilst relieving the burden on hospitals.
  • Compatible with all common tablets.
  • Users age 4 to 84yrs + can take the test at home, GP practice, shops, community centres, schools etc.
  • The system has proven usability, validity and reliability including in users with eye diseases above.


Both high and low visual acuity testing of both adults and children.


(UMIP Opp Ref – 20130219)

We are seeking a collaboration or development leading to licensing of the technology.

Recent publications

  • Aslam TM, Tahir HJ, Parry NR, Murray IJ, Kwak K, Heyes R, Salleh MM, Czanner G, Ashworth J.(2016) Automated Measurement of Visual Acuity in Pediatric Ophthalmic Patients Using Principles of Game Design and Tablet Computers. Am J Ophthalmol. Oct;170:223-227.
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