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Manchester businesses in the Life Science sector are promoting their success on the European stage to encourage further investment in the City Region area.

A group of journalists from across Europe visited Manchester as part of an initiative to sell Manchester as an investment destination of choice.

The visit was organised by UK Trade and Investment to showcase the Life Science sector and allow Manchester businesses to promote their expertise.

Journalists from Portugal, Austria, Norway, France and Switzerland took part in the visit on Wednesday 2 February.

UKTI Regional Director Clive Drinkwater said:

“This visit will give us the opportunity to showcase the excellent work taking place in Manchester to the whole of Europe. Manchester hosts some of the most exceptional and truly innovative life science companies in Europe, that are at the forefront of pharmaceutical research and development and pioneering technology helping to improve the quality of people’s lives.

By showing the group of journalists this work we are able to shout about our success across Europe and attract further investment into the country to help our economy to grow.”

The visit has been organised with the help of the Manchester’s Investment and Development Agency (MIDAS) which acts on behalf of the 10 Greater Manchester local authorities to attract inward investment into the City Region.

Angie Robinson, Chief Executive at MIDAS, said:

“Manchester represents a large proportion of the regional life science and biomedical sector within England’s Northwest. The visit is an excellent opportunity to showcase the groundbreaking work taking place in our region to the rest of Europe, cementing Manchester’s position as a major European hub for life sciences activity.”

During the visit the journalists visited:

QIAGEN Manchester Ltd, a Centre of Excellence for Companion Diagnostics. QIAGEN is a personalised medicine company providing molecular diagnostics to aid doctors and drug companies in selecting therapies for patients.

Renovo, the world leader in scar prevention and reduction research develops pharmaceutical products to prevent and reduce scarring in the skin, blood vessels, eyes, nerves, internal organs, tendons and ligaments. Juvista, Renovo’s lead drug for the improvement of skin scarring following surgery is in the final stages of development with a large Phase 3 trial scheduled to report data in H1 2011. Renovo started out as a venture capital based biotechnology spin-out company from The University of Manchester.

Trimega Laboratories, which opened its Manchester facility in April 2010, is a leading hair alcohol and drug testing company. The company’s hair alcohol testing methods can detect patterns of alcohol consumption over a period of many months as opposed to more traditional methods which only register consumption that has taken place within the space of just a few days. The laboratory was the first in the world to test hair samples of HIV and TB sufferers to see if they have been taking anti-retroviral drugs. Trimega is acknowledged as ‘World Leading’ by the Society of Hair Testing.

Intertek ASG, part of the Global Intertek Laboratory Network, is a specialist Contract Research Organisation (CRO) providing a broad range of advanced scientific and regulatory analysis services to customers involved in the development and manufacture of pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, materials and fine and specialty chemicals.

Manchester Biosciences Incubator and Core Technology Facility, a state-of-the-art biotechnology research and development centre combining the latest in laboratory facilities with an excellent support infrastructure provided by The University of Manchester Incubator Company Ltd. This combination of an exceptional building resource with a commercially and academically supportive incubation environment offers a unique package for biotech start-ups, R&D satellites from pharmaceutical companies and biotech service companies.

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