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The 14th “Chunhui Cup” Oversea Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Manchester Contest)

The Third Manchester-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

(MCIEC 2019)

Competition Introduction

As the Sino-British relation steps into the Golden Era, the inter-exchanges and convergence of interests between UK and China have reached an unprecedented level in many fields, especially in the aspect of education. Overseas students are becoming the most important ambassadors to bridge the UK and China, promoting all-round, multi-level and wide-ranging connection, cooperation and communication between the two countries. In order to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship among Chinese overseas students in the Northern England (refer to the list of universities included in the region at the end), the 14th “Chunhui Cup” Chinese Oversea Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Manchester Contest), which is also the 3rd Manchester – China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (MCIEC 2019) will continually be held in Manchester, UK, in 2019.

“Chunhui Cup” – the national Chinese Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition is the most prestigious and influential entrepreneurial competition in China, jointly organized by the Chinese Ministry of Education and the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology. The winners of the “Chunhui Cup” have the opportunity to get very close connections with international partners, often resulting in the development of a new level of international collaborations in business, technology and research.

What can you benefit from the competition?

  1. Successful projects selected by expert panels will have the opportunity to join the China Roadshow Program which will take place in Wuhan, Hangzhou, Liyang and Beijing this coming summer and be introduced to local policy makers, incubators, and investors. (Travel and accommodation will be covered)
  2. Selected projects will also have the opportunity to be recommended to multiple industrial parks and investors in both UK and China.
  3. Free trainings and follow-up advisories on business proposal development application process, presentation and roadshows will be provided to support all teams participated in the competition.
  4. Selected projects will be recommended to the “Chunhui Cup” Global Finals in Guangzhou, in December 2019. Round-trip ticket to Guangzhou is provided by the “Chunhui Cup” committee. Opportunities to meet thousands of industrial parks, incubators and investors from all over China.
  5. All teams will get the certificate issued by the MCIEC 2019 committee.

Application requirements

  1. Applicants can be a team or an individual, although teams are preferred and encouraged
  2. The team can consist of Chinese and non-Chinese members but the leading applicant should be Chinese
  3. The leading applicants can be current students, graduates or working professionals, who must have overseas experience
  4. Applicants must have innovation start-up idea or project and completed the application form.
  5. Each participant is limited to lead one project.
  6. Projects from all professional fields and industries are welcome.

Application Process

Fill in the application form (REQUIRED, http://mcieb.org/2019_mciec_application_form) and prepare the business proposal (DESIRED, http://mcieb.org/mciec-2019-template-1), send the materials back to email mailto:cyds@mcieb.org by 22nd June, 2019.

Key Dates

22nd June, 2019 – Application Close

24th June, 2019 – Notice of Shortlist Proposals

5th July, 2019 – The Manchester Contest

For any inquiries, please contact info@mcieb.org, or Ms. Xue Bai via baixuewyfbt@hotmail.com.


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