UMIP Fellows Programme

Our UMIP Fellows Programme was first launched in June 2013 in association with the Manchester Enterprise Centre. The scheme has two goals; firstly, to enable postgraduate students at the University with an interest in enterprise and intellectual property commercialisation to learn from real innovation cases by undertaking tasks and gaining practical experience related to them through working with us. Secondly, the scheme allows our case managers to harness the enthusiasm and skills of postgraduate students to undertake defined tasks for projects within their portfolio, which enables them to test the market for new technologies more readily and to respond more efficiently to new invention disclosures.

Key Metrics:

  • The scheme continues to grow and now has the fourth cohort of Fellows in post with over 270 assignments completed to July 2017.
  • The number of students trained in enterprise activity via their work on UMIP projects is now 46.
  • Career Development: not only do Fellows enhance their knowledge and skills but previous Fellows have successfully gained employment in roles such as patent agents, technology scouts for venture capital companies and with UMIP itself.

Key elements

  • Our UMIP Fellows Programme has been modelled on the highly successful Columbia Technology Ventures Fellows Programme which has been running since 2006 in the US.
  • The programme is open to PhD students in the second year of their studentship. We plan to recruit students to the Fellows Programme once per year and we require that students are available to work with us for one year.
  • Once appointed as UMIP Fellows, students may work for up to 4 hours per week in their spare time on tasks allocated by us and they are paid hourly.
  • The type of work undertaken by Fellows is completion of initial technology assessments related to invention disclosures, drafting of non-confidential marketing flyers, completion of literature searches to find competing technologies and identification of potential licencees.
  • Fellows gain real insight into intellectual property commercialisation and technology transfer, and a valuable education about how businesses work, how they view novel scientific developments, and what steps are necessary for new products to reach market.
  • Fellows with a keen interest in enterprise and innovation can access teaching, resources, advice and encouragement to pursue their own ideas via the close connection of our Programme to the Manchester Enterprise Centre.

  • UMIP Fellows


    Our Fellows Programme provides postgraduates with invaluable practical experience of the innovation process


  • Students must be registered at The University of Manchester on a PhD programme, and entering their second year of study to be eligible for our Fellows Programme.
  • Applicants must have the support of their supervisor in applying to our Fellows Programme.
  • Applicants must be available to work with us for 12 months.
  • Students working in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines are especially encouraged to apply, as are those studying business and innovation.

Application Process and Questions:

Applications for 2017/8 are now closed. For further information, please contact