A selection of University of Manchester spin-outs

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TellUs Toolkit

TellUs Toolkit is a cloud-based decision support system that supports a wide range of organisations through a tailored package of map-based software tools to support location based business decisions and stakeholder engagement.


PentaBee combines ARM and FPGA technologies to create embedded vision systems which combine the task of sensor interfacing, video pipeline and image/data processing with conventional serial processing to create powerful platforms supported by open source tools.


C4X Discovery offers a new platform technology that, for the first time, can rapidly determine highly accurate and biologically-relevant (aqueous) 3D and 4D structures of any small soluble molecule.


2-DTech work closely with industry and researchers to help turn scientific innovation into groundbreaking products

Opticin Therapeutics

Opticin Therapeutics is developing novel therapeutics targeting underserved human eye disease, helping those who currently have few or no treatment options.

Data Value Factory Ltd

The company will sell licences to use their unique data wrangling software, whose selling point is the central role of automation in its approach, which can significantly reduce the cost of data preparation.

Eurimatics Ltd

Eurimatics aims to help people working to elaborate best practices, guidelines and policies, by vastly reducing the amount of effort needed to filter nuggets of evidence from large datasets, through learning from human decisions on relevance.


ENER-G Combined Power Ltd, a Salford-based global manufacturer of combined heat and power (CHP) systems grew out of one of the University¹s first spin out businesses (Combined Power Systems). Today, ENER-G is Europe¹s leading provider of small scale cogeneration systems – providing business energy solutions to organisations across the world.

Graphene Water Technologies Ltd

Graphene Water Technologies Ltd is developing new graphene-based membranes to improve the efficiency of cleaning contaminated water using the membrane distillation process.


F2G is advancing its own patented compounds and technologies which will lead to the development of novel agents to treat serious fungal disease.


Clin-e-cal Ltd has been incorporated to make rapid social impact through science, technology and clinical research. Its first product, Rafi-tone, has been designed to help children take their inhaler with a spacer effectively.


Renephra is a medical device development company developing a ground breaking technology address the significant problems of fluid overload and chronic oedema in vascular, oncology and other disease areas. This is a substantial patient group with unmet clinical needs and is an estimated £3billion market worldwide.

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Spectromics Limited is a medical diagnostic company providing a smarter way to tackle antibiotic resistance, using its rapid point-of-prescription test.


Kesto is a social enterprise which offers a hands-on kit for creative engagement. This ‘workshop in a bag’ provides tabletop tools to record and display people’s ideas, with related workshop methodologies and guidance.


Phagenesis Limited was incorporated in 2007 to facilitate the development of medical device technology for the assessment, treatment and management of dysphagia (swallowing problems) post stroke.

Signal Wizard Systems Ltd

Signal Wizard Systems is dedicated to the design and manufacture of products that deliver the highest quality audio reproduction – for musical instrument enhancement, noise cancellation, filtering, multichannel mixing and sound field processing.


Microsensor Ltd is developing novel point-of-care medical devices for detecting microbial infection. These devices act as an early warning system for infection and can even diagnose which antibiotics will be most effective in treating an emerging infection.

Manchester Imaging

Manchester Imaging Limited is a dental diagnostic software company with a robust platform technology underpinning an image analysis software portfolio with development applications in several aspects of dental healthcare.

Nanoco Group PLC

Nanoco Technologies Ltd is a world leading nano-technology company which produces fluorescent semiconductor nano-particles quantum dots and quantum dot products.

SkinBio Therapeutics

SkinBioTherapeutics is a life science company focused on skin health. The SkinBioTherapeutics’ platform applies research discoveries made on the activities of lysates derived from probiotic bacteria when applied to skin. The Company has shown that the SkinBiotix® platform can improve the barrier effect of skin models, improve repair and reduce bacterial load.


BiOxyDyn is a company specialising in the development and application of new diagnostic imaging tools and imaging services to improve the understanding of lung diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma. Bioxydyn are also active in the development of new imaging tools for oncology and neuroscience.


Curapel is an award-winning specialist healthcare company committed to the development of innovative and safe therapies for chronic inflammatory skin conditions.

Gelexir Healthcare Ltd

Gelexir Healthcare Ltd develops a Technology using a patented Double Cross linked microgel, designed to be injected into patient’ spine discs to restore normal functioning and to alleviate Chronic Low Back Pain.


Plasma Clean specialises in novel technologies to radically improve air quality in commercial, industrial and domestic sectors leading to a healthier environment.

Sci Tron

Sci-Tron has been founded to commercialise novel nano materials. These include advanced resist materials for the production of integrated circuits and state-of-the-art resins for 3D electron microscopy.


STORM® Skills Training is a social enterprise which provides skills-based self-harm mitigation and suicide postvention training packages to frontline staff in health care, social care, education, and prison services across all sectors.

Laser Graphene Ltd

Laser Graphene Ltd is developing the world’s first commercially available ‘Laser Direct Writing’ production equipment (LDW). The system will enable manufacturing businesses (systems and component manufacturers) to lay down flexible conductive graphene tracks directly on a wide variety of high and low temperature engineering materials such as plastics, glass ceramics and metals.

StrataStem LTD

StrataStem specialise in the derivation of neural cells that allow for cells to be cultured and grown in unprecedented volume and at purity levels that open up applications in drug testing, diagnostics and cellular therapy. The company is looking to establish itself in the field of dementia research and development and in supporting the next generation of effective therapeutics.

Fotenix Ltd

With Fotenix’s technology, producers and agronomists can identify plant characteristics earlier in the season, well before they become visible to even the sharpest agricultural eye.


Chromition has been founded to supply proprietary ‘Luminspheres’ nanoparticle solutions and to collaborate with application developers to enable the realisation of next-generation technologies. Luminspheres are multicoloured photoluminescent polymer nanoparticles for bioimaging, led lighting and anticounterfeit applications.

Amprologix Ltd

Amprologix will develop a portfolio of novel antibiotics derived from naturally occurring antimicrobial peptides. The lead compound, epidermicin NI01, was first discovered and patented at Manchester University, prior to the lead academic’s move to Plymouth University

Ice Nine Ltd

The company develops MONA swarm robots for the further
education market. MONA is a small robot designed to investigate
collaborative or swarm robotics with the possibility of implementing artificial intelligence/machine learning algorithms within them.


The Arvia water treatment process offers a continuous removal and destruction of toxic and non-biodegradable pollutants. The Arvia? process offers a significant breakthrough in truly cost-effective removal of organic micropollutants.


Gentronix develops technology for the accurate identification of genotoxic compounds. GreenScreen® products are cell based assays for use in genetic toxicity screening using a simple, rapid and high-throughput protocols.

Gra-fine Ltd

Gra-fine Ltd provides scientific and technical consultancy services to support the design, development and industrial scale-up of new hybrid elastomer composites which use graphene and other nano-materials to improve product performance.


North West E-Health provide the pharmaceutical industry with an alternative approach to clinical trial design and management.